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    Sexy Floors USA, LLC has many cost effective, durable, easy to maintain, commercial flooring options. All of the flooring systems that you see on our site can be altered to provide the needed chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, ease of cleaning, and durability required for demanding commercial environment to which it is be used. Sexy Floors USA, LLC has many flooring options for their retail stores, schools, office buildings, medical facilities, veterinarian clinics and kennels, showrooms, restrooms, commercial kitchens, walk in coolers, and more! Anywhere an affordable, low maintenance, fully customizable, durable floor is needed—Sexy  Floors USA, LLC has options! Sexy Floors USA, LLC has a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns available and can place an intergraded, seamless cove base for easy cleaning! Sexy Floors USA, LLC even can place your company name and logo right in the floor if desired. Whether an architect, general contractor, facility manager, or property owner, Sexy Floors USA, LLC can work with you on new construction and existing remodel/renovations to provide the most affordable, practical flooring available. Got questions or need help? Contact Sexy Floors USA, LLC to speak with a flooring specialist to help you determine which flooring option will be right for you. 

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