• Flexi-Top Surface Coatings

  • About Flexi-Top Surface Coatings

    Flexi-Top Surface Coatings is a flexible, crack bridging, elastomeric, resinous membrane used to coat exterior concrete. Flexi-Top is a great option around pools, porches, patios, and driveways. Flexi-Top Surface Coatings can be used to resurface/overlay existing concrete that is stained, cracked, chipped, and spalled giving it a brand new, beautiful appearance without the costly and messy tear out and replacement. Flexi-Top Coatings can go over properly prepared and treated cracks in concrete. Due to its flexibility, Flexi-Top Coatings is guaranteed not to crack back through the coating. Flexi-Top can transform your existing concrete to look like granite, terrazzo, stone, tile, brick, etc. all while covering up that old, stained, cracked, concrete. Most installs can be completed in two days.  Also check out some more photos of our Flexi-Top system in the image gallery!